Why Pledge?

Published November 1, 2016 by

The Stewardship Committee asks you to consider making a pledge of what you hope to give to Northern Light during 2017.

Pledging makes sense as a way to plan your personal finances. Your expenditures for Northern Light in the coming year will be planned and anticipated rather than spontaneous and unpredictable. Consequently Northern Light will also be able to predictably and responsibly plan its own finances.

Pledging is also a way that each of us can translate our faith in what we believe and support into something tangible. Submitting a pledge reminds us that we will regularly give to Northern Light and therein do something concrete to help make into a reality what our faith envisions. Pledging is a spiritual practice that makes a difference in the external world.

A pledge is an estimate of what you will give to Northern Light next year. Pledge cards will be mailed and we ask that they be returned by November 20 as part of the Stewardship Campaign. You may modify your pledge if your circumstances change.

Each year, approximately ¾ of the church’s revenue comes from congregational giving. The better we know what congregational giving will be next year, the more realistic our 2017 budget will be. The more contributors who submit completed pledge cards, the better our giving prediction will be.

Please help us more accurately predict next year’s income by submitting a pledge.

Thank you,
The Stewardship Committee

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