NLUC Summer Brunch Questions and Answers

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What are the rules?
You make the rules. You can ask a group of people to help you and you decide the breakfast or lunch menu. If you want donuts and coffee, we’ll eat donuts and coffee. If you want chicken noodle soup, we’ll eat chicken noodle soup.
What specific tasks are involved?
Decide the menu. Prepare the food at home or in the church kitchen. Count on feeding 80. Tables and chairs need to be set up in the hall. (You choose the configuration and number of seats.) The brunch needs to be ready after church. After brunch the dishes and kitchen need to be cleaned. Tables need to be wiped and most tables and chairs need to be put away.
What do I need to know about dishes and food prep?
Dishes and silverware are in the kitchen in clearly labeled drawers. Most of the utensils and cookware what you need should be available in the kitchen, and sometimes there is leftover food that is still usable (milk, cereal, flower, pancake mix, etc. It is a good idea to check supplies during the week before you are serving.

Washing: Turn the dishwasher to “On” when you arrive in the kitchen. It takes a while to reach temperature (164%). The big stainless sinks plug by means of a rod under the sink; lift it. After washing and rinsing the dishes, run them through the dishwasher to sterilize them. It is really, really fast. Hand washing is done only in the small sink to the left of the kitchen door (if you are in the kitchen). Use the sink to the left of the refrigerator for food preparation. If washing the dishes is not an option, paper products may be used, but as an expression of our congregation’s commitment to Earth Care, we try to limit use of disposables when possible.
What about paying for the food?
Most often, the meal operates on reimbursement. You buy the food and submit your receipts to the church office for reimbursement.
Some hosts choose to donate the meal.
In either case, a “donations” basket is set out with the food. At the end of the summer, any money collected above what is distributed in the reimbursement is donated to the Glory Hole.
If you would like to host, but need a cash advance in order to shop for food, please contact Phil,, 586-3131.

What are the benefits?
Providing the after church brunch allows you to participate in the church’s ministry of radial hospitality. As you feed the flock, we all meet new friends and create an opportunity for fellowship for others.

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