The Deacons for Northern Light United Church, disciples of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior lead a ministry of compassion by attending to those in distress, both within and beyond the community of faith, thereby encouraging the congregation to be involved and included in the loving outreach of our congregation.

The Deacons of Northern Light United Church reserve a small amount of money to help people who are in great need. We ask all applicants to go to other organizations in the community such as LOVE, Inc., the Glory Hole, Salvation Army and the Southeast Food Bank because we do not have the staff or resources to provide long-term assistance.

Our priorities are as follows:

  • Families in an emergency who need food or other essentials such as diapers
  • Medication in emergencies
  • Bus fare to help find or keep employment

The Deacon’s Fund is only a small part of what NLUC has to offer.  We hope that you will join us for worship and invite you to become a part of our faith community.  We do not require reimbursement, but please consider contributing back to the fund so the money can be used to help others.


The Deacons of Northern Light United Church