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A Life of Service

Elizabeth Peratrovich was a Deacon at Memorial Presbyterian Church, a civil rights leader, and a guide for our Lenten Journey. Living and Growing February 17, 2013 Elizabeth Peratrovich and Jesus should guide one’s Lenten journey By Phil Campbell Northern Light United Church Yesterday, February 16, was Elizabeth Peratrovich Day and today is the first Sunday of Lent which is a season of preparation on the Christian Calendar. Some may see little connection between these two days, but I view their proximity as a fortunate convergence. I am sad to say that I did not know about Elizabeth Peratrovich and her […]

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Sometimes We Have to Wait

The season of Advent elevates waiting from an unwanted byproduct of contemporary existence to a spiritual discipline that provides a transformed way to encounter life. Living and Growing While We Wait Living and growing: While we wait By Phil Campbell Northern Light United Church I grew up with Alvin and the Chipmunks. I’m not particularly happy about this; I would prefer not to have Alvin’s high pitched voice rattling around in my head as Christmas approaches. I do admit, however, to having identified with the sentiment expressed in the Chipmunk’s Christmas song: “We can hardly stand to wait. Please Christmas, […]

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Living and growing: Wanting to want

When I was in the third grade I memorized the Twenty-third Psalm. Psalm 23 consistently ranks at or near the top of polls of favorite Bible passages. Known as the “funeral psalm” because of its frequent reading at funerals and memorial services, it contains some of the best known phrases in scripture. “The Lord is My Shepherd. I shall not want…” The words of Psalm 23 have brought comfort to countless mourners in their time of need, and for this I am grateful. But they are also words that in their original context speak more to the possibility of living […]

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