2012 SPRC Annual report

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Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) 2012 Annual Report

The NLUC By-laws specify the following functions for the SPRC:

  • Conferring with the pastor and staff regarding their relationship with the congregation and the priorities to pursue
  • Evaluating the pastor and ensuring staff evaluations occur, including recommending each year whether the pastor should be retained
  • Ensuring that the pulpit is appropriately staffed each Sunday
  • Recommending persons for ordained and diaconal ministries, and for missionary service
  • Evaluating and presenting to the Council the budget needs for staff salaries, allowances and fringe benefits

The SPRC performed all of these functions over the course of its regularly scheduled and special meetings in 2012, with specific focus on the following efforts:

Safe Sanctuary Policy

  • Following a year of intensive debate, adopted a formal safe sanctuary policy in January 2012 and forwarded it to the council with a do-pass recommendation
  • Developed extensive procedures to implement the policy adopted by the council.

Pastor’s Evaluation

  • Pastor’s self-evaluation keyed off the articulated goals for NLUC
  • The community solicited feedback from the NLUC committees as well as congregational feedback
  • SPRC reviewed all the input and developed the final evaluation which is submitted to the church council and the two judicatories.

Other Activities

  • Worked with the pastor regarding lay staff including the seminary intern, nursery staffing, youth director, and assistant youth director
  • Reviewed salary and benefit levels for all paid staff, including pastor, seminary intern, church administrator, janitor, nursery caregiver, music leaders, and pulpit supply, and recommended adjustments for the 2013 budget development
  • Consulted with the Pastor regarding pulpit supply
  • At the request of the council, updated the Pastor’s job description and employment contract.
  • Consulted with the pastor regarding development of the youth shelter
  • Facilitated a reception for Reverend Kim Poole prior to her departure from Juneau

The 2013 SPRC included the following members

  • Mike Miller (2012)
  • Eve Reckley (2012), Vice Chair
  • Carol Barril (2013), Chair
  • Ariel Lyon (2013)
  • Kristy Germain (2014)
  • Lucy Hudson (2014)
  • Pat Gorman, Council Liaison
  • Jim Alter, AMC Lay Delegate, Secretary
  • Phil Campbell, Pastor

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