2012 Committee on Property Management Annual Report

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Committee Members: Karen Dillon (Chair), Margaret MacKinnon (Secretary), Rudy Brantner, Jennifer Shapland, Wally Marvin, Marion Gotschall, Jim Becker (Council Representative) and Phil Campbell (Pastor)

We began 2012 by revisiting and prioritizing ongoing projects and identifying new projects to be undertaken. The projects are as follows:

  1. Insurance Review
  2. Landscaping
  3. Recarpet, remodel chancel area, repair/replace pews and create handicap access to some pews
  4. Repair leaks in roof
  5. Repair “speed bump” in front of the elevator
  6. Repair wall in room 9
  7. Remodel men and women’s bathrooms

Roof Leaks and Repair

Two issues were addressed regarding the condition of the roof. Part of the ridge cap across the peak of the roof had blown or broken off and the condition of the roof overall was assessed.
The ridge cap replacement was addressed first. Three contractors were selected and bids were requested. Roofing was selected and the ridge cap was repaired last summer.

A considerable amount of time was given to determining whether the cause of various leaks in the building was due to condensation or leaks coming from the outside. After consulting with various roofers and architects, it was determined that the subroofing is saturated and water may be seeping in through screw holes. The failure is not catastrophic at this juncture but the roof will need to be completely replaced within the next couple years.

Men and Women’s Bathroom

Three contractors were contacted regarding the remodel of the bathrooms and asked to submit bids. The complete remodel of the women’s bathroom consisted of new flooring, new stalls, countertops, sinks and new wall paneling. Extensive concrete and plumbing work was required to move the handicap stall to the far end of the stalls in order to eliminate the blocking of access to the non-handicap stalls. Fred Pollard was selected for the job and Ginny Palmer was a tremendous help in initiating contact with Mr. Pollard and selecting materials for the CPM to select. The women’s bathroom is essentially finished, short of a few punch list items and looks fresh and beautiful.

The main area of remodel in the men’s room was limited to the switching of the urinals and wash basins, adding a second sink so as to eliminate the “bottleneck” to enable access to the hand washing area. New countertop and wall paneling around sink area was installed.

Speed Bump

Don Gotschall presented a written description of the work projected to be done to repair the bump in front of the elevator based on the assumption that the concrete had heaved about ¾ inch. He not only provided ideas for repair but provided a contact that offered to do the work for free! The concrete repair was accomplished in a matter of days and carpet was purchased and installed by Carpet Source. The new carpet covers the inside front entryway to the bottom of the stairs going up and recarpeted the stairs going down to the preschool.

Remodel of Chancel Area and Recarpet Sanctuary

Creation of a master plan for redoing the sanctuary was suggested including repair or replacing pews, lighting and determine how the chancel area could be better used not only for our purposes but to better accommodate other users of the space.
Margaret MacKinnon called a meeting of interested church members and other members of the community that use the space to share ideas of how to make the sanctuary more useable for all. Once remodel of chancel area is determined, we will proceed with new carpeting and pews in the sanctuary.


We had several volunteers weed, divide and redistribute plants within the existing beds. Three large trees were removed from in front of the Skuse room and the garden bed partially cleaned out for spring planting. The grass area in the back of the church was completely replanted and small shrubs redistributed to the back also. Many thanks to Jane Ginter for her many hours of grass maintenance and weeding. Cindy of Glacier Gardens and her crew replanted pathways, repositioned tiles and replanted two of the trees in the playground/auxiliary parking lot so as not to obstruct parking. There will be more to do in the spring and volunteers are encouraged and welcome!

Insurance Coverage Review

Jim Alter of the finance committee met with the CPM on several occasions to review our present insurance coverage with Church Mutual and compared it with two other insurance companies, the Insurance Board that insures Presbyterian Churches and a new group plan for Alaska United Methodists that is underwritten by Philadelphia Insurance. Jim gathered all the necessary information and sought answers to questions of the committee. During a joint meeting of the CPM and Finance, a decision was made to recommend to the Counsel to go with the Alaska United Methodist group plan with Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company.

The CPM had a busy and productive year and looks forward to a successful Capital Campaign in the coming year so we can “raise the roof” and continue providing the necessary upgrades to our church.

Karen Dillon, Chair

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